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Bildk is the new way to share medical imaging studies

Now providers, payers and beneficiaries of health services can share medical imaging studies in a highly innovative, comfortable, efficient and secure way.
Based on latest generation technology resources, Bildk facilitates savings, increases collaboration, productivity, security and diagnosis accuracy.
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Laboratorios de Imágenes - Resonancias

Imaging Centers

Reduce your costs of computing infrastructure, backup and communication services, while offering better service to your clients.
Bildk is the ideal complement for your RIS/PAC systems.


“Thanks to the advantages offered by Bildk, we expect a significant increase in the number of referred patients attending our center”

BSc. Andrés Fuente, ImageLAB

Physicians and health care providers

Produce more accurate diagnoses, in a quicker way and share your results at a lower cost.


“It’s amazing how efficient and simple it is to review a patient’s medical history by accessing the studies through Bildk”

María Alejandra Brito, MD, Policlínica Santa Fe

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Bildk Beneficiarios y Pacientes

Beneficiaries (individuals, families and businesses)

Get all the information in one place and easily share your medical imaging studies.


“Now the medical evaluations of our employees are properly supported with their imaging studies”

BSc. José Bermúdez, SENTEX Inc.

Payers and insurance companies

Reduce the likelihood of fraud and increase the quality of service received by your beneficiaries.


“Budgets’ approval time and admissions to health centers can be reduced in a significant way by having access to imaging studies”

BSc. Alberto Smith, Chief Medical Officer, Seguros Trans Andina

Pagadores y Empresas de Seguro
Bildk Instituciones Reguladoras

Healthcare regulatory agencies

Bildk provides the beneficiaries of its community with timely access to their medical imaging studies.
In addition, Bildk serves as a source of statistical information, which supports the design and implementation of public policies in health matters.


“Bildk gives us access to valuable statistical information for the benefit of our community”

Manuel Gómez, MD, Chief Physician, Mayor´s Office of the Municipality of Guarain.

Bildk solves the inefficiencies and limitations of the current model with cutting-edge technology… Now it’s much easier to share medical imaging studies

Sharing medical imaging studies today is: uncomfortable, costly, and risky.
  • Studies are distributed on CDs or USB flash drives, implying high management and distribution costs. In the same way, it involves risks to the possible loss of the devices.
  • Those studies that can be consulted online are accessed through different applications that each institution must maintain online in their servers, which represents: additional costs in terms of infrastructure, support and maintenance services, redundancies, poor data management efficiency and limitations to consolidate critical information which is an essential part of patients’ medical files.
  • To consult them via remote, images are visualized through web applications that are insufficient, due to their inability to take advantage of the resources offered by mobile devices and personal computers. This situation translates into high data transmission costs (retransmission), poor user experience and limited functionality.
  • They are discussed online using virtualization or live stream services (such as GoToMeeting, Citrix or Skype) that degrade the quality of the image and consume wide bandwidths.
Through Bildk, sharing medical imaging studies is: comfortable, efficient and safe.
  • It operates from the cloud which allows: to have a single repository that offers multiple access routes to data, scalability of resources, flexibility and reduction of fixed costs, ubiquity, mobility and security.
  • It stores, accesses and shares the studies through an intuitive and very easy-to-use interface.
  • It visualizes the images in 2D, 3D, 4D (native app) and as holograms (through MS HoloLens).
  • It is possible to append MS Office and PDF documents to the studies.
  • It downloads images to view them according to the user’s navigation (the complete study is not downloaded upfront) and store them locally, which prevents them from being retransmitted when the same images are consulted several times. The downloaded data remains encrypted at rest in the device.
  • It allows the elaboration of structured reports where findings are supported by bookmarks of interactive visualization sessions that are embed in the texts and retrieved when the reports are consulted.
  • Reports are dictated and converted to text.
  • The reports can be labeled with ICD10 codes, which makes it possible to generate statistics by diagnostic category, contributing with the development of statistical analysis of morbidity, diagnostic and triage services based on machine learning.
  • It projects images of patients during medical procedures, through augmented reality and holographic resources. It also allows to capture new images of the projection.
  • It allows to discuss on-line studies, reports and findings among several users.
  • It links the studies and enables their consultation (images and reports) from medical reports and files.
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Bildk facilitates the interaction of the actors, promotes the productivity and collaboration of the specialists and increases the quality of service received by the beneficiary.

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